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Event date: 21Apr 2020

Tuesday 21 Apr 2020

Waterhouse Lecture Theatre, Level 2, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences Building (Bldg. 101)

  • 1.30pm to 5.00pm

Clunies Ross Street, Acton, ACT
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Unconventional fuels, energy storage technologies and more efficient energy distribution and conversion systems, have been under consideration for many years. Recent developments have now provided a relatively mature set of technologies that have shifted the focus from technical development to commercial activation. Many demonstration and pilot projects are now in progress across multiple applications both in Australia and globally. Australia has the potential to become a leading supplier in areas such as hydrogen technology, storage batteries, smart grids and energy efficiency, creating new opportunities for small and medium companies (SMEs) in the next few years.

Presented by CSIRO and the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme, this event will provide participants with:

  • an overview of new energy technologies, emerging opportunities and challenges.
  • information on specific applications in unconventional fuels, energy storage and energy efficiency.
  • examples of R&D collaboration, how it works in practice and the benefits for SMEs.
  • information on grants and assistance to support collaboration with CSIRO and other research organisations.
  • an opportunity to have an initial discussion on specific technical challenges with CSIRO experts and facilitators.

Who should attend

SMEs operating in the energy or manufacturing sectors looking for new opportunities.

About the Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity at the firm level.


Speakers will include:

  • Dr Patrick Hartley, research director of CSIRO's Oil, Gas and Fuels research program
  • Dr David Viano, CSIRO Research Scientist and expert in gasification processes
  • Dr Christopher Munnings, Senior Research Scientist with CSIRO Energy Technology
  • Dr Fiona Beck, ANU research group leader on integrating nanophotonics and optoelectronic device design, and Hydrogen Fuels Project convener

* program details and presenters may vary.

Australian Government - Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources | Business Entrepreneurs' Programme

Science areas: Renewables and energy

Event type: Public seminar