A cutting-edge symposium will bring together local and international researchers, and land managers, to develop a roadmap for near real-time detection and change forecasting of ecosystem condition and service provision.


Anna Richards

Event date: 01Feb 2021

Monday 1 - Friday 5 Feb 2021

Online virtual event - Login details will be emailed to registrants

  • 1, 2, 3 and 5 Feb: 10am to 12pm AEST

4 Feb: 3pm to 5pm AEST

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Why a dynamic ecosystem assessment system?

Australia’s environmental science and data is highly fragmented, subject to time decay, and largely not synthesized into systems’ views. This poses a challenge for environmental management, as our available knowledge and data resources are not optimised for systems-level, real-time decision making. For example, we cannot produce a national integrated picture of the state and trend in the condition of our ecosystems and natural assets, the impact of variable ecosystem condition on the flow of ecosystem services, or articulate future condition scenarios for different land management activities. This hinders our ability to effectively manage our environment for multiple benefits.

This symposium will explore methods for a novel national environmental assessment system, linked to advances in ecosystem simulation and earth observation capability, that could transform the way we currently monitor ecosystems, their threats and environmental management impacts.

What will this symposium achieve?

This cutting-edge symposium provides a platform for the integration of exciting, yet currently disparate, sets of advances in ecosystem assessment occurring in Australia and worldwide. The symposium will explore the utility of innovative methodologies and technologies for quantitatively representing and assessing ecosystem dynamics in space and time.

It will do this by bringing together researchers, decision-makers and land managers to (1) learn from, and determine synergies with, international experiences of ecosystem assessment; (2) promote joint development (‘community of practice’) and implementation across jurisdictions; (3) produce a road map outlining the scientific advance, knowledge gaps and pathway forward.

The symposium will provide space for different interactions between scientists, land managers and decision-makers, including more formal sharing of knowledge, discussion sessions and workshopping.

The finer details

The symposium will be held online, via video conference technology, from the 1st to the 5th February 2021 and is open to anyone who would like to participate. Sessions will be live but recorded for re-viewing at a later stage.

The symposium has been funded by CSIRO and the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Anna.Richards@csiro.au or Fiona.Dickson@environment.gov.au for more details.

Science areas: Environment and Farming and food production

Event type: Online