Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing has been identified as a critical element of Australia’s economic development and a driver of future jobs growth.

The Monash Technology Precinct has an important capacity in this area. There is significant potential to grow additive manufacturing and jobs as part of a major activity to build manufacturing capabilities and local supply chains in Australia.

During this event, the participants will have the opportunity to hear from industry and research leaders about some of the key digital aspects related to additive manufacturing and how capabilities and solutions are being developed and offered across multiple sectors.

Participating in this event is a must for people wanting to learn from an innovative and creative panel of invited speakers, and also to ask questions and engage with the community in the additive manufacturing sector within the Monash Technology Precinct..


  • Free

Event date: 08Feb 2021

Monday 8 Feb 2021

Online virtual event

  • 9.00am to 10.30am AEDT

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Program hosted by Dr Leon Prentice (CSIRO)

Time Activity
9:00 - 9:05 am Dr Leon Prentice - CSIRO
Acknowledgment of country and Introduction
9:05 - 9:10 am Dr Kathie McGregor - CSIRO
CSIRO's Digital Transformation and the role of 'Digital' in Additive Manufacturing
9:10 - 9:15 am Prof Aijun Huang - Monash University
Industrial engagement of Monash Center for Additive Manufacturing
9:15 - 9:20 am Prof Bronwyn Fox - Swinburne University
The factory of the future and industry 4.0
9:20 - 9:35 am Q&A session
9:35 - 9:40 am Mr Sam Tartaglia - AMAERO
Technical Presentation - Manufacturing Process Improvements with AM Tooling
9:40 - 9:45 am Dr Yuman Zhu - Monash University
Research Presentation - Strengthening mechanism of high strength Al-Mn-Sc alloy for selective laser melting process
9:45 - 9:50 am Dr Marten Jurg - Additive Assurance
Technical Presentation - Process monitoring and quality assurance in laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing
9:50 - 9:55 am Dr Sherry Mayo - CSIRO
Research Presentation - X-ray Micro-CT for inspection of AM parts
9:55 - 10:00 am Mr Jeff Lang - Titomic
Technical Presentation - Industry 4.0 for research and development of heterogeneous material properties
10:00 - 10:05 am Dr Lee Djumas - Woodside FutureLab
Technical Presentation - Woodside FutureLab: Enabling AM in the Energy Sector
10:05 - 10:10 am Dr Peter King - CSIRO
Research Presentation - Toolpath planning for robotic additive manufacturing
10:10 - 10:30 am Q&A session - Closure

Presented by:

Monash University Centre for Additive Manufacturing | Swinburne University of Technology | AMAERO Additive Manufacturing | TITOMIC | Additive Assurance | CSIRO

Science areas: Mining and manufacturing

Event type: Online