We would like to invite you to an exciting evening of underwater exploration!


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Event date: 18Nov 2019

Monday 18 Nov 2019

CSIRO Auditorium, CSIRO Hobart

  • 5:30 pm to 6:15 pm

Castray Esplanade, Battery Point TAS

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   Red crab
Photo: Fraser Johnston

Hidden deep beneath the wild waters off Tasmania’s south coast are more than a hundred underwater mountains – called seamounts – that support an amazing array of marine life. Above reefs of colourful coral swim bioluminescent squid, ghost sharks and schools of deep-sea fishes. Within the coral live bright red crabs, brittle stars and an abundance of invertebrates big and small.

Join us at this premiere screening as we take you on an up-close journey to explore this amazing underwater world through a series of five short documentary films captured during the 2018 Seamount Corals Survey voyage of research vessel Investigator.

Meet the scientists as well as some of the specimens from the deep-sea – both on camera and in person! The event includes displays of equipment used during the voyage – including the mighty deep tow camera – as well as specimens of deep-sea fishes and coral.

The screening includes time for all your questions about life on our deep-sea mountains and the event is family-friendly, with give-aways for the kids.

Please note: We ask that all guests register for this event (you can include up to five additional guests). You will receive a direct email from CSIRO Events to confirm your registration.

The screening of films will start in the auditorium at 5:30 pm and last approximately 30 minutes. Guests are welcome to explore the displays of scientific equipment and deep-sea life before and after the screening.

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Matt Marrison, CSIRO Communications Advisor
T: 03 6232 5197 | E: matt.marrison@csiro.au

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