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The 2.5 day course covers a large range of image analysis hands-on and theory. The initial half day covers digital imaging theory and basic setup and navigation of the Fiji package. The first full day covers hands on manual practical use of Fiji to measure areas, counting objects, distance measurements, image alignment and machine learning. The final full day is focused on programming automation of image analysis and data handling of the examples carried out manually the day before.

Registration is restricted to CSIRO Agriculture & Food staff and students at Black Mountain and is capped at 20 registrants for safety and manageability. Successful applicants will be invited to register online.

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Registration fee $60-$100 (to be confirmed).

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Event date: 02Sep 2019

Monday 2 - Wednesday 4 Sep 2019

CSIRO Black Mountain


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Science areas: General Science

Event type: Conference or seminar