Mixing, a common operation in food processing, aims to efficiently achieve a smooth, homogenous product with consistent quality. Food processors, and consumers, insist on a perfect product every time. To achieve this, food processors must stay in complete control of every aspect of their production from beginning to end. The right mixing solution maximises product quality, production costs and operational efficiency.

CSIRO has obtained the New Generation High Shear Mixer from Tetra Pak, revolutionising the mixing process for huge potential improvements in cost savings and product quality. The innovative new design moves the mixing head and high viscosity pumping device outside of the traditional mixing tank – and it replaces the mixing tank with a dedicated deaeration unit. This mixing technology provides greatest possible flexibility and control over mixing processes which enables superior emulsification, powder dissolving and deaeration performance of high viscous products in a continuous or recirculation setup. Read more here: https://www.tetrapak.com/processing/mixing/tetra-pak-high-shear-mixer-r370-1000d

We invite you to an interactive and hands-on demonstration of this New Generation High Shear Mixer at the CSIRO Food Innovation Centre in Werribee.


  • $50


Event date: 23Aug 2019

Friday 23 Aug 2019

CSIRO Agriculture and Food

  • 9.30am - 2.30pm

671 Sneydes Road Werribee VIC

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Who should attend?

This session is designed to benefit food industry professionals working in R&D, production, management, food quality and safety, production line design and hygiene functions. This latest technology will be of particular interest to dairy and food manufacturers.

Other information

  • Morning tea and a light lunch will be provided
  • Suitable PPE the will be provided before entering the CSIRO Pilot Plant
  • This event will be recorded
  • This event is supported by Tetra Pak, world's leading food processing and packaging solution provider


Time Activity
9:30 Morning Tea Welcome
10:00 Introduction to the CSIRO Food Innovation Centre (Dr Roman Buckow, CSIRO)
10:15 Introduction to Tetra Pak (Catalina Donato, Tetra Pak)
10:30 Morning Tea
10:50 Food Mixing Challenges and Tetra Pak New Generation Mixer (Catalina Donato, Tetra Pak)
11:50 Product Demonstration briefing (Darren Gardiner, CSIRO)
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Product Demonstration using the High Shear Mixer
14:15 Wrap up