Cutting Edge Symposium

Invitation to participate

We invite you to present and/or participate in this exciting symposium bringing together leading scientific, industry and traditional knowledge of native Australian edible insects and help guide the development of the edible insect industry in Australia. The symposium will run over three days and aims to promote the inclusion of insects in our diet and drive commercialisation opportunities. It will include the following topics for discussion:

  1. Culture (entomophagy around the world, traditional uses by Indigenous Australians, cultural appropriation, empowering Indigenous people in the development of knowledge, enterprises and economies based on culture and natural resources, etc)
  2. Environment (reduction of environmental footprint of dietary changes, potential impacts to biodiversity, reduction of pesticide uses, biosecurity pros and cons, greenhouse gas emissions, etc)
  3. Health and diet (nutrition, inclusion in the diet, prevention of illnesses, safety, etc)
  4. Commercialization (current production, policy, regulation, ethics, current problems faces by the industry, what is happening in Europe/USA/Mexico, etc)

Please RSVP by Friday the 26th of July


  • Free

Event date: 28Aug 2019

Wednesday 28 - Friday 30 Aug 2019

EcoSciences Precinct

41 Boggo Rd, Dutton Park QLD
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More information

We are finalising the agenda and will be sharing it with you in the next few weeks. We are planning on having four sessions per day, in which there will be presentations followed by discussions.

Participating enterprises will be able to set up a stand and promote/sell their products during the event. Please note that selling will only be permitted after 2:30 PM due to building restrictions.

The main outcome of the symposium will be a roadmap for emerging edible insect research and industry that describes feasible ways to meet current and future protein needs in a way that is healthy, potentially more affordable, and better for the Australian environment. It will also set the basis for future collaborative research and working groups.

We greatly appreciate your consideration to join us at this symposium and look forward to seeing you in Brisbane.

Dr Rocio Ponce Reyes and Dr. Bryan Lessard (on behalf the Organising Committee)

For further information

Dr Rocio Ponce-Reyes, CSIRO Land and Water
T: +61 7 3833 5709 | E:

Dr Bryan Lessard, National Research Collections Australia
T: +61 2 6246 4270 | E:

Science areas: Farming and food production

Event type: Public seminar