The Camden Region Economic Taskforce (CRET), Camden Council and the CSIRO invites you to take part in a workshop for

Generation STEM
STEM Community Partnerships Program

We would like you to be part of an important workshop to shape an exciting new initiative launching in Western Sydney.

Generation STEM is a 10 year commitment made by the NSW Government to equip the next generation with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills and experience, to meet the growing labour needs of NSW.

Major new developments in the Camden region, including the Western Sydney Airport, will create a wealth of growth opportunities across all industries. To pursue these opportunities, local industry will need greater access to a STEM-skilled workforce.

Camden is one of the first communities in NSW to benefit from this unique community-based approach, which means programs are tailored to meet local demand for specific STEM skills. The aim is to equip students with the relevant STEM skills to meet local labour demands and support industry growth.

We are calling on local council and industry to help identify the community challenges students can investigate and solve with STEM.


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Sarah McKelvie

Event date: 14Feb 2019

Thursday 14 Feb 2019

Camden Council

  • 10.00am - 12.00pm

70 Central Ave, Oran Park NSW
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The STEM Community Partnerships Program (STEM CPP)

The program presents Year 9 and 10 students with local community challenges to solve and as a result highlights local STEM pathways and career opportunities. Students select a challenge to work on throughout 2019 and the best student solutions will be presented to the Camden community at an end-of-year project showcase. By challenging students to engage with STEM to help solve real-world challenges they are empowered to become active members of the local community.

It is intended this program will result in:

  • Higher levels of youth engagement in solving challenges for local industry and community
  • Innovative student solutions and perspectives contributing to local industry
  • A stronger and more accessible STEM workforce for local industry

The Workshop

This program will invite students to find STEM-based solutions for challenges in the Camden community. The purpose of this workshop, hosted by CSIRO, CRET and Camden Council, is to define Camden’s biggest challenges and develop inquiry questions for students to address as part of the program in 2019.

Examples of a local challenges are:

  • Oran Park is the fastest growing suburb in Australia.
  • Camden has an aging population.
  • Local platypus habitats could be threatened by local developments.


Register via the 'Register now' button by 5 February.

We need your help to create a program that builds a bigger, stronger and more diverse STEM pipeline in Camden. As important members of the Camden community, there is a role for you to play in building our future STEM workforce.

Workshop agenda will be circulated in early February.

For further details please contact Sarah McKelvie on 02 9325 3137
or visit