You are invited to the launch of the 1622TM WQ Water Quality app. 1622WQ has has been developed by CSIRO to facilitate the access to, and understanding of water quality data by farmers. We know that farmers want easier access to water quality information near their farms, and we have responded to that challenge.

The launch will be held at Riley, Cairns, at 1pm on Fri 17th Jan 2020. During the event there will be a short presentation on the app followed by a chance to explore the app and talk to the team behind 1622.

We look forward to seeing you in Cairns!


The 1622 Team


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Event date: 17Jan 2020

Friday 17 Jan 2020

Greenfields, Ground Floor, Riley

  • 1.00pm

131-141 The Esplanade, Cairns City QLD
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Light lunch and drinks

What is 1622 Water Quality?

1622 Water Quality is an app that helps growers by visualising nitrogen losses within agricultural catchments throughout Northern Queensland. It helps farmers understand the impact of rainfall on water quality, and how water quality differs between various locations, all in real-time.

Who is the event for?

The launch event is for anyone who is interested in monitoring water quality in far north Queensland. This includes growers, extension officers, water quality monitoring project officers, government and consultants.

Why should I attend?

You should attend if you are interested in or involved in monitoring and improving water quality in the catchments of Northern Queensland, aimed at saving the Great Barrier Reef.