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Australian exploration companies and passionate geoscientists who are interested in learning about new exploration tools that are being developed at CSIRO and potential solutions for the challenges industry is facing in finding Australia’s next tier-1 deposits.

CSIRO Mineral Resources will hold its annual CSIRO Exploration Seminar on Friday 13 March 2019.

This seminar highlights the latest research and developments into exploration concepts and tools being developed by CSIRO and will provide a platform to share our capabilities and roadmap for future research with industry. Presentations will be split into 4 sessions, each focussed on an area of research in which CSIRO is a leader: The Cover Challenge, New Exploration tools: Vectors for Mineralising Systems, New Exploration Tools: Domain + Digital, and Understanding Mineral Systems Using X-Rays, Lasers, and Electrons.

The day will also include posters showcasing the diversity of research in CSIRO Mineral Resources, demonstrations of new CSIRO-developed digital tools, including Data Mosaic and the Geophysical Toolkit, and a panel discussion on Finding Australia’s Next Tier 1 Deposits. This panel will include senior CSIRO researchers and industry representatives to provide an opportunity for open discussion on the challenges we are facing and anticipate in the future of exploration, and how we might work together to tackle them.

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  • $200

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  • $160

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  • $80

    Students or Unemployed


Renee Birchall

Event date: 13Mar 2020

Friday 13 Mar 2020

CSIRO Kensington WA

  • 8.30am to 5.00pm

26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington WA

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Standard Registration: $200
AIG or GSA Member: $160
Students or Unemployed: $80


Please contact Renee Birchall ( or Jessica Stromberg ( for more information. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


Time Activity
8:30 Coffee and registration
8:45 Welcome and introduction to CSIRO Exploration Seminar: Sandi Occhipinti
9:10 Industry engagement & funding opportunities: Hayley McGillivray
9:20 The Cover Challenge: New Approaches for an Old Problem (Chair: Susanne Schmid)
- New research in regolith geoscience: Using consolidated sedimentary interfaces to map footprints to mineral systems (Ravi Anand)
9:40 - New remote sensing technologies and applications for exploration and mining (Ian Lau)
10:00 - Cover thickness mapping: a story of irregular data and the art of reconciling uncertainties (Jelena Markov & Gerhard Visser)
10:20 - Sedimentary geology and sequence stratigraphy as vectors to sediment-hosted Zn-Pb deposits (Marcus Kunzmann)
10:40 Morning Tea + Poster Session
11:10 New Exploration Tools: Vectors for Mineralising Systems (Chair: Yulia Uvarova)
- Using geomicrobiology to vector to Au mineralisation (Qing Hu)
11:30 - Fluorite as an indicator mineral of iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) mineralising fluids (Tobias Schlegel)
11:50 - Developing the understanding and tools to explore for lithium resources related to felsic magmatism (Alex Otto)
12:10 - 5-minute rapid-fire talks
- Future indicators minerals research for gold and base metals (Margaux Le Vaillant)
- Using soil gas in mineral exploration - where has it got to and where to next? (Chloe Plet)
- Sniffs of sediment-hosted copper in the Archaean (Jessica Stromberg)
- Data Mosaic overview (June Hill)
12:30 Lunch + Data Mosaic (June Hill & Sam Bradley) and Geophysical Toolkit (Aaron Davis) Demos
13:30 New Exploration Tools: Domain + Digital (Chair: Ryan Noble)
- Building a supervised ML platform to translate hyperspectral data into geochemistry - what, how and why? (Yulia Uvarova & Andrew Roger)
13:50 - Electromagnetic applications in geophysics (Aaron Davis)
14:10 - Geostatistical learning for the geosciences (Hassan Talebi)
14:30 - Image analysis and ML for drill core images (Umer Javeed)
14:50 Afternoon Tea + Poster Session
15:20 Understanding Mineral Systems Using X-Rays, Lasers and Electrons (Chair: Mark Pearce)
- Understanding metal transport with experiments and simulations (Yuan Mei)
15:40 - From modern seafloor hydrothermal chimneys to ancient VMS deposits, how can micro-XRF mapping aid in exploration? (Shirley Hu)
16:00 - Should we really be looking for sediment-hosted Zn-Pb deposits in 'black' shales? (Sam Spinks)
16:20 - Panel: Finding Australia's next tier 1 deposits (Mark Pearce (chair), Susanne Schmid, Jim Austin, Yulia Uvarova & guest industry representatives)
16:55 Close: Sandi Occhipinti
17:00 Sundowner

Science areas: Mining and manufacturing

Event type: Conference or seminar