The pathway to success for Australian Biotechnology companies developing new therapeutic products is long and difficult.

This event has been developed with CSIRO and Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery to present the latest scientific trends that can help companies to more effectively discover and develop their next generation therapies.

Hear about the future developments and current capabilities in drug discovery chemistry, protein science, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, chemical and biological manufacturing.

Engage with scientists from leading research organisations to understand the capabilities available and opportunities for collaboration.

Learn about the grant programs that can help companies with non-diluting funding to access the expertise and facilities that are in place to help develop new therapeutic treatments more cost effectively.


  • Free

Event date: 02May 2019

Thursday 2 May 2019

Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery

  • Arrive 2.15pm for 2.30pm – 5.00pm

46 Don Young Rd, Nathan QLD
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Speakers include:

Dr Susie Nilsson
CSIRO, OCE Science Leader, Biology

Dr Andrew Riches
CSIRO, Senior Research Scientist, Bioconjugation and Peptide Chemistry

Associate Professor Tina Skinner-Adams
Research Leader, Laboratory Head and HDR Convenor at the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery

Science areas: Biological sciences and Health

Event type: Conference or seminar