AAHL is Australia’s national biocontainment facility operated by CSIRO. AAHL provides the highest levels of biocontainment within a purpose built biosecurity infrastructure to help protect Australia’s livestock and aquatic industries, as well as people, from emerging infectious disease threats.

Event date: 07Dec 2018

Friday 7 Dec 2018

Expression of Interest

The Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL)

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AAHL is currently seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from research teams wishing to access its scientists and capabilities to conduct impactful, collaborative research requiring high biocontainment. Expressions of interest should be lodged by 7 December 2018 using the EOI online submission on the AAHL website under Facility Access.

Statement of Purpose

CSIRO aims to provide opportunities in impactful research requiring biocontainment. These opportunities will create benefits for Australia in line with national strategic directions. This call will identify a select number of suitable research initiatives or projects seeking to conduct experiments requiring biocontainment that can be completed within an approximate 6 month timeframe commencing in early 2019.


CSIRO will provide use of the biocontainment facility to the successful applicants, including:

  • The use of all animal facilities (PC2 to PC4) pending institutional Animal Ethics Committee approval;
  • The use of instrumentation and equipment, if required, in the PC2, PC3 and PC4 laboratories;
  • The capability provided by CSIRO staff at the facility to enable the science to be undertaken;
  • Coverage by relevant and required quality systems;
  • The use of existing facility capabilities (e.g. imaging, genome engineering, virology, NGS, histology, etc.)

Eligibility and conditions

The following eligibility criteria and conditions will apply:

  • Proposed projects will be of high scientific merit and demonstrable national benefit;
  • Applicants will be affiliated with an Australian research institution holding an ABN and provide a letter or statement of endorsement as outlined in the online application submission;
  • The proposed project will require high biocontainment (PC3 or 4), noting that applicants are not expected to undertake work in the PC3 or 4 laboratories themselves;
  • Scheduled access to existing capability at AAHL will be made available where possible;
  • It is expected that outcomes will be published with reference to CSIRO AAHL as a collaborator and an in-kind supporting partner; and
  • Applicant salary and travel costs are not included.

Selection Process

The CSIRO AAHL National Facility has been designed and built to undertake excellent research in the national interest. Given this objective, applications for access to the facility are assessed relative to one another using three equally weighted selection criteria:

  1. The scientific and/or technical excellence of the project;
  2. The potential of the project to contribute to Australia’s national benefit; and
  3. Alignment with AAHL Facility objectives and feasibility of its use.

The assessment is via a review process conducted by a Selection Committee constituted by relevant CSIRO representatives. Successful projects will be assigned to appropriate scientists at AAHL for collaborative refinement and compliance with CSIRO AAHL regulatory requirements and scheduling.

For further information or questions contact: access2aahl@csiro.au

Issue of EOI16th November 2018
EOI closing date 7th December 2018
Notification of successful applicants14th December 2018

More about the CSIRO AAHL National Facility

The AAHL national facility has extensive laboratories, including animal facilities, able to host research on pathogens in risk groups 3 and 4. This means that AAHL is able to facilitate complex research of high consequence zoonotic pathogens to support the objectives of Australia’s research community and industry. Examples of research performed by CSIRO and visiting scientists includes diagnostic assay development, the identification and characterisation of new and emerging viruses, comparative immunology, vector studies, preclinical studies of new vaccines and therapeutics, genome engineering for biosecurity purposes and pathogenesis studies. For more information about AAHL visit https://aahl.csiro.au/

AAHL is recognised nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence in disease diagnosis, research, and policy advice in animal health and human diseases of animal origin.

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