Workshop – CSIRO ARRC Auditorium, Nov 30th 2018.


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Event date: 30Nov 2018

Friday 30 Nov 2018

ARRC Auditorium

  • 8.30am

26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington WA
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Bushveld Complex chromitite | Norilsk globular sulfide ores

Nickel, cobalt, vanadium and manganese are regarded as essential metals in the emerging green global economy, playing a vital role in developing battery technology. This workshop presents new developments in the geological understanding of some the world's major ore deposits of these commodities.

The Bushveld Complex is the largest repository of magmatic ore deposits on the planet, and one of the great treasure-houses of global resources. It provides 70% of the world's platinum group elements and a large proportion of its chromium and vanadium. The recently discovered "Flatreef" PGE-Ni-Co resource in the Northern Limb is one of the major new mineral discoveries of the century.

Much of the world's reserves of high grade Ni-Cu-Co-PGE ores occur in the extraordinary super-giant Norilsk-Talnakh orebodies in Arctic Siberia. Access to these deposits is difficult for western geologists and much remains to be learned about their genesis.

This workshop is a once-only chance to hear about these remarkable metal accumulations from visiting world experts, and to hear some new developments on cobalt and manganese potential in Australia.

Speakers and topics:

Prof. Rais Latypov, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
• Magmatic chromite, vanadium and PGE ores of the Bushveld Complex: new interpretations from field observations.

Dr. Marina Yudovskaya, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
• The giant PGE-Ni resources of the Platreef and Flatreef in the Bushveld Complex
• New observations and interpretations of the supergiant Norilsk-Talnakh Ni-Cu-PGE deposits, Arctic Siberia.

Dr. Steve Barnes, CSIRO Mineral Resources
• Nickel and cobalt in magmatic and lateritic ores: global resource endowment and exploration outlook
• Conduit and chonolith hosted Ni-Cu-Co sulfide deposits: new models and observations

Dr Sam Spinks, CSIRO Mineral Resources
• Atmospheric oxygenation in the Proterozoic is the key to Western Australia's huge manganese potential

Mr David Fox, CSIRO Mineral Resources
• An update on geology of the Carlow Castle Cobalt discovery, west Pilbara

Ms Daryl Blanks, University of Leicester, UK
• An update on investigations of the unusual Munali Ni-Cu-Co-PGE sulfide deposit, Zambia

To be confirmed: Carlow Castle Cobalt prospect, West Pilbara – an update.

Science areas: Mining and manufacturing

Event type: Public seminar