A presentation by Dr. Julia Martin-Ortega, Associate Professor of Ecological Economics Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds

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Tropical Landscape Joint Venture
Science with Sushi Seminar

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Event date: 08May 2018

Tuesday 8 May 2018

ATSIP Seminar Room 030, Building 145

  • 12 PM

James Cook University, Townsville QLD

Event date: 08May 2018

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Cairns Institute Ground Floor Meeting room Building D3 - Room 003

  • 12 PM

James Cook University, Cairns QLD

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Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture Seminar Series


This presentation takes the audience into the personal journey that Dr Martin-Ortega has traversed as an academic specialized in the understanding of the relationships between humans and water systems. Dr Martin-Ortega will explain how she has come to use the theoretical framework and tools of environmental economics in combination with qualitative social sciences approaches in an interdisciplinary context, to produce policy - oriented research on this area. For that, she will dedicate some time to describing examples of previous research, with an emphasis on the methodological challenges associated with assessing the impacts of changes in water systems on human welfare and the integration of process - based ecological models, stakeholder perceptions and economics analysis.

Using recent research on the values and perceptions of peatland restoration and its associated benefits in the UK, Dr Martin-Ortega will reflect on new epistemological avenues to furthering the understanding these complex relationships. She will finish will some reflections on this personal journey and a look at how to make best use of this understanding to promote a more sustainable management of water & land resources.


Dr. Julia Martin-OrtegaJulia has an interdisciplinary background in environmental sciences and economics, with an emphasis on environmental valuation and qualitative and participatory approaches and a focus on water research. Graduated as Doctor in the University of Cordoba (Spain), Julia joined the Sustainability Research Institute of the University of Leeds in July 2015, after 5 years as Senior Researcher at The James Hutton Institute in Scotland. Previously, she had worked for the Basque Centre for Climate Change (Spain) and was a guest researcher at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) of the VU University in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Julia is author of 42 ISI-indexed publications and > 46 other peer reviewed publications, including the multi - authored book Water Ecosystem Services: A Global Perspective by Cambridge University Press, that she has led together with Prof. Iain Gordon. Julia also affiliated to water@leeds, one of the largest interdisciplinary centres for water research in any university in the world, encompassing expertise from across the physical, biological, chemical, social and economic sciences and engineering as well as the arts. She is Lead Author of IUFRO's Global Forest Expert Panel and member of the Steering Committee of Scottish Government’s Center for Expertise in Waters (CREW), as well as member of the Editorial Board of theSpanish Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Julia is a Programme Leader of the BSc on Sustainability and Environmental Management of the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds and External Examiner of the MSc on Ecosystem Services of the University of Edinburgh.


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Event type: Public seminar