A Forum for Advancing Mineral System Science

Researchers and industry representatives are invited to attend the second Solomon Meeting - an occasional forum for advancing mineral system science held in honour of Professor Mike Solomon (1928 - 2009)

Registration is now open. We have space for more poster presentations and we encourage registrants to submit a short 100 word abstract to: info@solomonmeeting2018.com

Student sponsorship is still available by submitting 500 words highlighting why you should be sponsored to attend this meeting to: info@solomonmeeting2018.com


  • $300


Event date: 21May 2018

Monday 21 - Friday 25 May 2018

Clare Valley

South Australia

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Prof Mike Solomon

The meeting will promote collaboration to understand the multiscale physical and chemical processes in mineral systems that create giant resources and how these relate to Earth systems. New concepts and technologies will build on existing understanding to offer innovative and practical exploration solutions.

To aid discussion, places are limited and prospective attendees are asked to contribute a short 100 word abstract highlighting their area of interest and reasons for attending.

Posters will form an integral part of the scientific program. Speakers will be invited by session conveners and those interested in speaking should contact the conveners directly.


Time Activity
Monday (pm) & Tuesday Earth system chemical architecture and plumbing
Digital rock - lessons from 25 years of development in oil & gas
Geophysics of Earth systems
Conveners: Karol Czarnota (GA) & Richard Chopping (CSIRO)
Wednesday Fluid chemistry
Conveners: Sarah Gleeson (GFZ Potsdam) & Anthony Reid (GSSA)
Thursday Organics in Earth systems
Conveners: Kliti Grice (Curtin University) & Anaïs Pagès (CSIRO)
Friday (am) Rapid analysis, data processing and footprint detection
Conveners: Ryan Fraser (CSIRO) & Rick Valenta (University of Queensland)

Science areas: Mining and manufacturing and Geosciences

Event type: Public seminar