A presentation by Dr Mangalam Sankupellay

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Tropical Landscape Joint Venture
Science with Sushi Seminar

Event date: 16May 2017

Tuesday 16 May 2017

ATSIP Seminar Room 030, Building 145

  • 12 noon

James Cook University, Townsville QLD

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Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture Seminar Series


AB3 IoT prototype

The potential of crowd sourced data gathering for ecological conservation escalates with the Internet of Things (IoT). The project aims to extend and develop the AB³ - Australian Backyard Bird Box, a situated, social, and gamified web based IoT application with a dedicated recording box to support wider community engagement in environmental conservation and biodiversity. The AB³ IoT prototype will enable urban dwellers to record audio of their environment to learn and identify the bird calls they hear in their backyard. The AB³ IoT prototype will help to develop connections between people and both the environment and help create awareness about environmental conservation and biodiversity among urban dwellers.

Demo of B4: Brisbane Backyard Bird Box, the predecessor of AB³: https://youtu.be/q4iIgQ2IY_o


Dr Mangalam Sankupellay

Dr. Mangalam Sankupellay is a lecturer and researcher in the Discipline of Computer Science and Information Technology, James Cook University.

Mangalam's research applies machine-learning and statistical techniques to develop automated ecological-monitoring tools, specifically to analyse acoustic data (e.g. to identify the numbers and types of birds from an environmental sound-recording). Mangalam's research also investigates how Internet of Things (IoT) devices can be used for citizen science projects – projects that will not only help in ecological-monitoring, but also to connect urban citizens with their local environment. These devices will be used to collect and identify bird calls, and the data obtained will be used to train machine learning algorithms. Mangalam's talk will provide a summary of this research work - the analysis of eco-acoustics data for long-term environmental monitoring and the use of Australian Backyard Bird Box (AB³), an Internet of Things device.

This event is free of charge. No RSVP required.


Diane Jarvis — Diane.Jarvis1@jcu.edu.au or 4781 6023
Jane Addison — Jane.Addison@jcu.edu.au or 4781 4506

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