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An international symposium to be hosted by CSIRO

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Event date and time

Monday 29 May - Friday 2 Jun 2017


Waterhouse room, CSIRO Black Mountain
Clunies Ross Street Black Mountain ACT

The symposium will bring together leading researchers in earth and environmental informatics, to establish the current state of the art in environmental science data publication and its use of modern web principles. The focus is on linking data, with a particular interest in the integration of physical samples with datasets based on these. Key topics include:

  • Persistent, web-compatible identification systems
  • Registration models and systems
  • Standardization of technical vocabularies and services
  • Web semantics and ontologies
  • Metadata proliferation and harmonization
  • Enabling common scientific data formats for web linking (CSV, netCDF)
  • Research data repositories
  • Frictionless open data

Communities within the earth and environmental sciences that have been particularly active in these areas include:

  • Marine geoscience and oceanography
  • Biodiversity
  • Earth observations (remote sensing)

Some of these communities have a particular reliance in physical samples, including geological sciences and biodiversity. The symposium will explore opportunities for alignment of identifier and registration systems from these disciplines, as well as more general research data systems like DataCite.

The design of the symposium will build on the experience of the highly successful Earth Science Information Partnership (ESIP) series that has been running for more than two decades in North America.

On Monday 29th May a ‘field trip’ to a number of different environmental sample repositories is planned. These facilities are limited in size, so we need an early indication of numbers in order to sequence the visits.


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    Includes a reception and lunches. Registration closes 31 March 2017


Dates and Times

Event date: May 2017

Monday 29 May - Friday 2 Jun 2017

Waterhouse room, CSIRO Black Mountain

Clunies Ross Street Black Mountain ACT

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29 May

field trip to several national collections

30 May - 1 June


2 June

follow-up meetings