CSIRO's Data61 welcomes for its second year, D61+LIVE – Australia's premier data innovation event.

Bringing together the D61 Network of technology companies, government, universities and startups across sectors and disciplines, D61+LIVE is a forum to discuss the innovation challenges we face today and debate the opportunities for Australia to lead and define its place in the world in the digital age.

Australia is at a tipping point. Every sector of the economy is digitising; industries and markets that were previously disconnected are now converging and the intensity of competition is increasing.

This structural change is happening locally and globally and is profoundly impacting the way we work and live. Platform companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, Amazon and eBay are collapsing incumbent business models and disrupting entire industries.

Companies and countries are being forced to respond by pursuing data-driven, multi-sector and multi-disciplinary collaboration and problem-solving at a different pace and scale.

D61+ LIVE features global and national innovators at the coal-face of transformation and new industry building. The event will explore how leadership in entrepreneurship, science and academia and traditional industry, can enable Australian organisations to adapts to fast-changing competitive environments.


Breakthrough science and digital technology being developed across Data61 and the CSIRO will be showcased with 40 demo booths.

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Kirsten Lawarik
Project Manager | D61+ LIVE
E kirsten.lawarik@data61.csiro.au
T +61 2 6218 3830 | M +61 431 003 359

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Thank you for your interest in the D61+ LIVE event. We have reached our capacity, however, you are welcome to add your name to a waitlist. Please email d61live@csiro.au with the subject line "D61+ LIVE | Waitlist Request" to be notified if / when a place becomes available.


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Event date: 28Jun 2017

Wednesday 28 Jun 2017


Shed 14, Central Pier, 161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands VIC

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Shift happens: How can Australian organisations adapt to disruption?

*Please note the agenda is subject to change


Time Activity
Wednesday 28 June
8:30am Registration & Exhibition Open
Exhibition Hall
9:00am Master of Ceremonies: Introduction
Ms Michelle Gallaher
Co-Founder, The Social Science, advocate for STEMM Women
Conference Hall
9:05am Welcome & Opening Address
Dr Larry Marshall
Chief Executive Officer, CSIRO
Deep science and technology are essential to our future success, but we need a national innovation catalyst to realise their full potential. Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall will explore CSIRO’s transformative and collaborative role in positioning Australia to disrupt traditional markets in a time of rapid change. By focusing on delivering benefit to the nation, CSIRO embraces a ‘systems thinking’ approach to see beyond current frameworks and forge new paths to prosperity.
Conference Hall
9:20am The Hon. Craig Laundy MP
Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science
Conference Hall
9:35am Keynote Address: Navigating the Risks and Rewards of the New Renaissance
Chris Kutarna
Fellow, Oxford Martin School, & co-author, ‘Age of Discovery’
The political and psychological response to growing complexity is to try to become more local. Protectionism, nationalism and xenophobia are on the rise, and there is a real danger that globalisation will be rolled back and that our societies will become more closed. Chris Kutarna will explore why this would be a terrible mistake. He will provide insights from his book, Age of Discovery, to make sense of the present by drawing on past eras of rapid change, genius and populist angst.
Conference Hall
10:20am Keynote Address: Cooperation Machines
Dr Iyad Rahwan
Associate Professor, Media, Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab
During this session, we will explores the frontiers of human cooperation, enabled by information technology. We will see how to use social media to mobilize millions of people to achieve seemingly impossible tasks, like searching an entire continent, reassembling shredded documents, or collecting 30 million decisions from 160 countries about the ethics of self-driving cars. This talk will discuss these newfound capabilities, their limitations, and what they mean for the way we govern our society.
Conference Hall
11:05am Morning tea
Exhibition Hall
11:35am Keynote Address: National cybersecurity issues
Alastair MacGibbon
Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on Cybersecurity
Conference Hall
11:45am Cyber Security Challenge Awards Ceremony
CySCA is a ‘hacking’ competition run by an alliance of Australian Government, business and academic professionals who are committed to finding the next generation of Australian cyber security talent. Winners of the competition will be awarded during this ceremony session.
Conference Hall
12:10pm Keynote Address: Australian Cyber Security
Craig Davies
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Cyber Security Growth Network
A national coordinated program is underway aimed at building industries and exporting technologies to ensure Australia remains globally competitive in cybersecurity. During this session Craig Davies will explore how different sectors are collaborating on innovation and research to move Australia’s cyber security industry into a global leading position.
Conference Hall
12:25pm Keynote Address: From Silicon Valley to Quantum Harbour
Professor Michelle Simmons
Director, Centre for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology, School of Physics, The University of New South Wales
Conventional computers struggle to find solutions when the number of variables in a problem becomes large. A quantum computer with massively parallel processing has the potential to solve problems in minutes that would take conventional computers centuries. During this session, Professor Simmons will discuss the important applications that make quantum computing of direct relevance to various industries, the digital economy, and data security.
Professor Simmons will also explore Australia’s plan to build the first silicon based quantum computing server in Australia, and the Centre’s involvement in this plan.

Conference Hall
1:10pm Lunch
Exhibition Hall
1:25pm-1:55pm Lunch Session: Strategic Foresight - Reading Trends, Risks and Scenarios to Navigate a Pathway Through Digital Disruption
Dr Stefan Hajkowicz
Principal Scientist in Strategic Foresight, Data61
Strategic foresight is an emerging field of research and profession concerned with exploring plausible future events to help people and organisations make wiser strategy and policy choices. It involves the application of scenario planning, megatrends analysis, risk analysis, decision theory, strategic planning and related tools and techniques. The Data61 Insight Team is a research group within CSIRO applying techniques of strategic foresight to help companies, governments and communities navigate a pathway through digital disruption. In this session we will describe various approaches to strategic foresight and present recent/current work on the future of jobs, infrastructure planning, distributed ledger technology, innovation policy and emerging industries. Present from the Data61 Insight Team will be Dr Stefan Hajkowicz (principal scientist), Dr Lucy Cameron (senior research consultant), Mr Rob Hanson (senior research consultant).
Conference Hall
2:00pm-3:00pm Breakout Session: Ribit Speed Mingle

Places are strictly limited. For more information and/or registration please visit the Ribit event page.

CSIRO's Data61 and the ribit platform are offering an exciting 'pop-up' event at D61+ LIVE event - Ribit Speed Mingle - a speed-networking event for companies interested in engaging university students for internships, project or part time roles.

About Ribit.net
Ribit.net is an online platform from CSIRO/Data61 that matches tertiary students (with STEM, digital and research skills) to innovative companies and startups for casual, part/time jobs and internships.
Exhibition Hall
2:10pm Panel Discussion: Data-driven innovation at scale
  • Michelle Gallaher, Co-Founder, The Social Science - Moderator
  • Bridget Louden, CEO & Founder, Expert360
  • Andrew Charlton, CEO, AlphaBeta
  • Trent Innes, Managing Director, Xero Australia
  • Felicity Hennessy, General Manager Innovation, Ruralco Holdings Limited
  • Flavia Tata Nardini, Co-Founder and CEO, Fleet
This session provides insights into the experiences of using innovative data-driven strategies for business growth. From identifying and securing financing and partnership opportunities to procuring talent, we will hear advice from these seasoned professionals on how to capitalise through the use of data.
Conference Hall
2:55pm Showcase Session: The race is on to create new industries - how Data61 is accelerating results
  • Adrian Turner, Chief Executive Officer, Data61
  • Shelley Copsey, New Ventures & Commercialisation Leader, Data61
  • Professor Bob Williamson, Chief Scientist, Data61
  • Bill Simpson-Young, Director of Engineering & Design, Data61
  • Mark Staples, Group Leader Software Computational Systems, Data61
D61+ LIVE 2017 marks a year since the creation of Data61 from the integration of NICTA and CSIRO’s Digital Productivity Group. Adrian Turner will share Data61’s areas of focus, the momentum that has been achieved and future plans to drive outcomes for Australia’s data-driven future. Following his address, Mr Turner will be host a discussion with a team of leaders from across the CSIRO's Data61 about the race to create new industries and what Data61 is doing to accelerate change.
Conference Hall
3:55pm Afternoon tea
Exhibition Hall
4:25pm Keynote Address: Managing the Machines
Dr Genevieve Bell
Professor, ANU, & Senior Fellow, Intel
If the nineteenth century was about the evolution from mechanisation to industrialisation, and the twentieth century was about a move from electrification to computing; then we are surely in the midst of another significant shift from digitization to a fully data-centric world. Some label this the 4th wave of industrialisation, with emergent technologies such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, all taking advantage of rich data layers, and increased processing power. This emerging data-driven world suggests profound challenges and opportunities. New business models and new markets are appearing and disruptions seemed likely across markets, ecosystems and institutions, with the likelihood of profound social, cultural and political impacts. These emergent techno-economic transformations, like many of their predecessors, will then also be accompanied by a great deal of societal and cultural anxiety regarding economic impact, sustainability and trust. Managing the machinery of the 21st century, in a way that it safe, secure and scalable, is critical! How might we approach this problem? Drawing on the history of earlier transformations, Dr Bell will sketch out a bold agenda for developing a new applied science for the 21st century.
Conference Hall
5:10pm Government Remarks: Victoria’s Innovation Ecosystem
The Hon. Minister Philip Dalidakis, MP
Victorian Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade
Hear how the Victorian Government is driving innovation and modernisation of its data science capabilities, including by establishing a dedicated Centre for Data Insight within the State’s Department of Premier and Cabinet. The Minister will also provide insight on how the Government is supporting growth across Victoria’s technology ecosystem, to drive new economic opportunities for the State and elevate Melbourne as a regional focal point for data-driven innovation, particularly in cybersecurity.
Conference Hall
5:25pm Master of Ceremonies: Closing Remarks
Ms Michelle Gallaher
Co-Founder, The Social Science, advocate for STEMM Women
Conference Hall
5:30pm Wrap up
Adrian Turner
CEO, Data61
Conference Hall
5:40pm Networking Cocktail Function
Exhibition Hall
7:00pm Exhibition & Event Close
Exhibition Hall

Science areas: Information technology

Event type: Public seminar