CSIRO's Data61 welcomes for its second year, D61+LIVE – Australia's premier data innovation event.

Bringing together the D61 Network of technology companies, government, universities and startups across sectors and disciplines, D61+LIVE is a forum to discuss the innovation challenges we face today and debate the opportunities for Australia to lead and define its place in the world in the digital age.

Australia is at a tipping point. Every sector of the economy is digitising; industries and markets that were previously disconnected are now converging and the intensity of competition is increasing.

This structural change is happening locally and globally and is profoundly impacting the way we work and live. Platform companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, Amazon and eBay are collapsing incumbent business models and disrupting entire industries.

Companies and countries are being forced to respond by pursuing data-driven, multi-sector and multi-disciplinary collaboration and problem-solving at a different pace and scale.

D61+ LIVE features global and national innovators at the coal-face of transformation and new industry building. The event will explore how leadership in entrepreneurship, science and academia and traditional industry, can enable Australian organisations to adapts to fast-changing competitive environments.


Breakthrough science and digital technology being developed across Data61 and the CSIRO will be showcased with 40 demo booths.

Event date: 28Jun 2017

Wednesday 28 Jun 2017


Shed 14, Central Pier, 161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands VIC

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Shift happens: How can Australian organisations adapt to disruption?

*Please note the agenda is subject to change


Time Activity
Wednesday 28 June
9:00-9:30am Registration (TBC)
9:45am MC, Ms Michelle Gallaher, Co-Founder of the Social Science, advocate for STEMM Women
10:00am Welcome and Opening Address - Larry Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, CSIRO
10:15am Keynote Address 1 - Navigating the Risks and Rewards of the New Renaissance
Chris Kurtana, Fellow, Oxford Martin School, co-author of ‘Age of Discovery’
11:00am Official Government Remarks (TBC)
11:20am Keynote Address 2 - How do we put humans into the digital transformation story
Dr Genevieve Bell, Professor in the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, Senior Intel Fellow and Data61 Research Collaborator
12:00pm Keynote Address 3 - How AI challenges our morality
Iyad Rahwan, Associate Professor Media Arts and Sciences at MIT Media Lab
12:30-1:15pm Lunch and networking
1:15-1:45pm Keynote Address 4 - National cybersecurity issues
Alastair MacGibbon, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on Cybersecurity
1:45-2:30pm Panel: Beyond fear and loathing in cybersecurity
How can leadership at the C-Suite and board level prepare for and adapt to the changing threat environment. How can public and private enterprise work together to build a domestic cyber security market that is globally competitive?
2:30pm Keynote address 5 - Adrian Turner, Chief Executive Officer CSIRO’s Data61
3:00-3:20pm Afternoon Tea
3:20pm Panel: How global platform companies are re-drawing competitive boundaries and markets
4:00pm Panel: Data-driven entrepreneurship at scale: Lessons from Australian entrepreneurs
Australia needs to innovate and scale our businesses faster. To do this, we need to adopt an entrepreneurial ‘growth mindset’ both within startups, SMEs and large organisations. Entrepreneurs will share their data-driven strategies for achieving growth, discuss financing and partnerships and how to find and maintain the right talent.
4:45pm Debate session: Bye Bye Bell Curves. Hello Star Systems! The digital age is destroying the middle class
5:15pm Closing remarks
5:30pm-TBC Drinks

Science areas: Information technology

Event type: Public seminar