ODI Connect is our quarterly series for Members, Supporters, Foundation Sponsors and guests of ODI Australian Network.

ODI Connect

These events are a unique opportunity to gather and network with fellow open data friends, listen to an inspiring talk on a thought-provoking topic, and enjoy a refreshing drink at the end of the day.Data61

We are delighted to have Kate Carruthers, Chief Data Officer, University of New South Wales, as our guest speaker. Kate will share with us insights on some of the key issues that define the data ethics scene including:

  • What does ethical use of data actually mean?
  • Why do ethics matter for stakeholders involved in data projects and services?
  • Ethics, privacy and personal data: how can government agencies maintain (or restore?!) the public trust?
  • How emerging applications of IoT & AI add to the complexity of data ethics
  • The key policies, regulations and practices that can help in promoting ethical use of data in Australia.


  • Free

Event date: 17Aug 2017

Thursday 17 Aug 2017

Data61 CSIRO F3-R00-DisplaySpace

  • 4.30pm - 6.00pm

Australian Technology Park, Level 5, 13 Garden Street, Eveleigh NSW

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ODI Connect is a complimentary event for Members, Supporters, Foundation Sponsors and those interested in becoming a member of ODI Australian Network.

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