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Lindfield Collaboration Hub

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Event date and time

Thursday 10 Nov 2016
9:00am - 3:30pm


Lehany Theatre & Foyer CSIRO Lindfield
36 Bradfield Road Lindfield NSW


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Dates and Times

Event date: Nov 2016

Thursday 10 Nov 2016

Lehany Theatre & Foyer CSIRO Lindfield

9:00am - 3:30pm

36 Bradfield Road Lindfield NSW

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 Australian Institute of Physics.

CSIRO, in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Physics, has held annual “Industry Days” on various topics such as telecoms, transport, nanotech, energy, medical technology. This year we mark the launch of the CSIRO Collaboration Hub and Fledge Innovation Labs both located at CSIRO Lindfield.

We’ve learned that while there are many places to incubate and co-work for IT and FinTech developments, there is not nearly as much available for hardware or device tech. A vibrant start-up community is establishing at CSIRO Lindfield with the key aim to co-locate and access CSIRO’s facilities and expertise. In the past 12 months our co-located start-ups headcount has grown from a handful to almost 30, with more to come.

CSIRO, as a recipient of NSW Boosting Business Innovation Program funding is currently fitting out a new facility focused on the development of hardware, code and devices. A new medical device incubator, Fledge Innovation Labs, has established on site in the last month and “Fledglings” are flocking already.

This year’s AIP Industry Day will explore the entire lifecycle of tech start-ups, with talks from Baraja – a new company developing solid state LiDAR for self-driving cars – who are exploiting CSIRO’s optical systems expertise as well as the site’s long baseline optical ranges.  Be amazed at the opportunities emerging in robotics and automation. Hear from serial entrepreneurs in medical devices. Learn how to navigate the funding minefield from Blackbird Ventures. There will be introductions to the collaboration offerings at Lindfield and facility tours.

The event is made possible this year by the support of the NSW Boosting Business Innovation Program. By appealing to a diverse audience, we aim to seed new opportunities for tech development.

Come for a relaxed, informal day on technology start-ups. Enjoy our site and bush setting with easy parking – plus we’ll lay on a BBQ in support of the CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics.


Eight invited speakers selected from across the lifecycle of tech startups - from early stage concept, start-up all the way through to established company with a lineup of high-tech products. We will also hear from high-calibre, serial entrepreneurs with a wealth of advice to offer.

The program will include local site briefings from Fledge - a recently formed Medical Device Incubator co-located at CSIRO Lindfield plus information for start-ups and SME’s about new offerings for co-working, collaborating and co-locating at CSIRO’s Lindfield Collaboration Hub enabled via a NSW Government Boosting Business Innovation Program grant. Over an extended lunch break, there will be guided tours of site facilities showcasing our Innovation Hub, Fledge, laboratories and scientific infrastructure.

Confirmed speakers

  • Melissa Knothe Tate, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, UNSW
  • Abby Bloom, Executive Chairman, Acu Rate Pty Ltd
  • Katie Green, CSIRO Lindfield Innovation Hub Team Leader
  • Carol Upton, Co-founder, Fledge Innovation Labs
  • Rebecca Lodin, Optical Engineer, Baraja Pty Ltd
  • Samantha Wong, Head of Operations, Blackbird Ventures
  • Steph McArthur, Researcher in Robotics, UNSW
  • Andrew Brawley, Silanna Semiconductor

Lunchtime Activities

BBQ in support of the CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics Tour of Fledge Innovation Labs (medical device incubator) Tour of CSIRO Collaboration Hub A selection of short tours of CSIRO and NMI laboratories