For the first time we’re bringing together the global One Health and EcoHealth communities to create more integrated approaches to research and practice on global health challenges.


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Event date: 03Dec 2016

Saturday 3 - Wednesday 7 Dec 2016

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

  • 3/12/16: registration from 3.00pm. 4-7/12/16: 8.30 AM - 6.00 PM

1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf

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The benefits to bringing the One Health and EcoHealth communities together are twofold.

Together, we’re focused on improving global health and the health of our people, animals and ecosystems.  We do this by promoting more effective and balanced coordination and collaboration across sectors and disciplines in ways that better integrate the knowledge and perspectives of researchers, policy makers, practitioners and affected communities.

We also share research evidence, knowledge and insights on global health challenges and risks that originate at the human-animal-ecosystems interface (and the social and ecological drivers of risk), approaches and tools to reduce the risks, and benefits, costs and limitations of One Health and EcoHealth approaches.

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Science areas: Environment and Animals and plants and Health

Event type: Conference or seminar