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Cathy Bulman

Event date: 07Mar 2016

Monday 7 - Friday 11 Mar 2016

CSIRO Marine Laboratories

Hobart TAS

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This basic course of the Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) modelling approach will introduce the current capabilities of the EwE desktop software (

This course provides a birds-eye view of all that the EwE modelling approach has to offer:

  • Introduction to the foundation of the EwE approach and a discussion of basic parameterizations;
  • Advanced parameterization of EwE models through online databases such as FishBase and WoRMS;
  • Basic temporal modelling with Ecosim;
  • Advanced temporal modelling such as fitting models to data and driving models with external drivers;
  • Basic spatial-temporal modelling using the original Ecospace model;
  • Advanced spatial-temporal modelling using new habitat capacity model;
  • Demonstration how to drive the Ecospace model with varying time series of maps;
  • Introduction to programming with the Ecopath with Ecosim source code.

The course will be structured between presentations and computer time. Participants are invited to use their own models for the course.

The course lecturers will be Villy Christensen (UBC), Jeroen Steenbeek (EII) and Marta Coll (ICM) with guest appearances by Carl Walters (UBC)


Full registration: $500
Advanced only: $350
Student registration: $350
Student - Advanced only: $250

EwE Course Hobart 2016

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